Birds of Prey Show

Bearizona Wildlife Park is proud to be the home for the High Country Raptors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting raptor conservation through education.

The Birds of Prey are stationed in Fort Bearizona.

There are three scheduled free-flight shows daily. During these shows, visitors come face to face with hawks, owls, falcons and other raptors.

Showtimes (March - December)

11am, 1pm, 3pm

Programs have included "on the fist" demonstrations and dramatic "free flight" shows, all with a narrative on natural history, conservation and interesting facts while entertaining audiences of all ages.

At the conclusion of every show, the handlers will have the birds throughout Fort Bearizona "on the fist" for visitors to get an up-close look and answer any lingering questions they might have. For more information, visit High Country Raptors.

Due to the free-flight nature of this show, timing is important and the show area is roped off promptly at the beginning of show time for the safety of the birds as well as the visitors. Latecomers can view the show from outside the seating (free-flight) area.

The Birds of Prey show does not run throughout the months of January & February.

Susan Davidson Director High Country Raptors

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